CARADA. A health data management application for the personal healthcare in coordination with employers, pharmacies and medical examination providers.

CARADA is the convenient and amicable tool that record and organize physical data regarding the steps taken, weights, meals, blood pressure and the results of physical exanimations for users to have a big picture of their physical health. Thus, from there, they can adopt healthier and more active lifestyles to improve their physical shapes and conditions. In general, CARADA offers its services to companies, pharmacies, healthcare associations providing more supports for their consumers to encourage active and positive lifestyles resulting in longer life expectancy.

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Entertainment is one of Japan’s largest one-stop stores offering music, video, books and comics from all diverse genres and all ages. With the helps of easy and convenient payment system.



Luna Luna

Luna Luna, a healthcare information service provider with the aim to support women physical and mental health for all women and people around them throughout all life stages.


Lifestyle Information

3D Amagumo Watch

Providing a large amount of contents ranging from nationwide weather information, local disaster warnings and in-dept local information on many life aspects, many other information such as travel,…




&Pay, a smartphone payment services connecting the MTI proprietary settlement system with affiliated banks to conduct transactions without needs for intermediary parties, such as credit card companies.